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Waterparks - Translate The Lyric 2 (‘Fandom’ Edition)

Waterparks - Translate The Lyric 2 (‘Fandom’ Edition)
James Wilson-Taylor 11 December 2019 at 17.00

Awsten, Geoff and Otto take on the challenge once again...

Waterparks' Awsten Knight, Otto Wood and Geoff Wigington have faced our game of Translate The Lyric once before. But can they get a better score this time as they try and work out which lines from their third album 'Fandom' have been badly mangled by Google Translate into French, Italian, German and Spanish? Watch what happens next as Waterparks take on round 2 of the toughest lyric game around.

Pick up Waterparks' Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read Awsten's full interview, and see the band's full new photoshoot:

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