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Deaf Havana Interview: ‘Rituals’, Writing Backwards, Gospel Choirs & Justin Bieber

Deaf Havana Interview: ‘Rituals’, Writing Backwards, Gospel Choirs & Justin Bieber
James Wilson-Taylor 2 August 2018 at 17.00

We go in-depth with James and Matt on the band's brand new album and it's unconventional writing process.

James and Matthew Veck-Gilodi stop by to talk through the unconventional writing process behind Deaf Havana's new album 'Rituals'. With appearances by London Contemporary Voices Choir and shiny pop production inspired by the likes of Justin Bieber, the record also features some of their darkest, most personal and confessional lyrics to date.

As James explains, the entire development for the album was completely different from their usual approach:

"Yeah they were completely different, it was like whereas normally I'll write everything on acoustic guitar and send it over to [the rest of the band] and then we'll turn it into a band song, this was more me sitting in front of a computer coming up with like a cool synth or drum sound...It couldn't be more backwards. Every single aspect of it was backwards to how we normally write."

That includes coming up with the one word song titles first, including 'Sinner' and 'Holy', then writing music to match them, which provided James with an extra challenge:

"It didn't work always - there's a couple of them where I didn't manage to, like, fit the brief I guess. But it gave me something to work towards...I had, sort of, a theme in my head as well...I liked the juxtaposition of [pop songs] and then really miserable lyrics."

Check out the full interview with James and Matt below:

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