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Zebrahead - Get Nice!

Tom Aylott
Tom Aylott 22 August 2011 at 12.39

Zebrahead - Get Nice! Cover

Zebrahead get proggy on their ninth album. No, not really...

Zebrahead have been making their own way for years now and, unwilling to give up on the brightest days of rap-rock, latest effort ‘Get Nice!’ sees the band carrying on largely from where they left off. Sure, to claim it’s rocket science would largely be rubbish, but it’s great fun as ever and Zebrahead are the masters of what they do. If you’re looking for introspective lyrics and acrobatic tapping solos, avoid ‘Nudist Priest’ and the title track in particular, but this is fantastic back-to-basics fun that really doesn’t require a dig for deeper meaning.

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