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Youth In Revolt - ‘The Broken’

David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin 13 January 2017 at 12.04

Youth In Revolt - ‘The Broken’ Cover

It's finally here!

They’ve taken their sweet time about it, but the debut album from this New Jersey crew lives up to everything 2014 EP ‘Love Is A Liar’s Game’ promised and then some.

Their reshuffled pack (including no less than three new members, with vocalist Tanner Allen doing a fine Kellin Quinn impression), have made a damn catchy debut album.

Aptly titled opener ‘The Noise’ races out of the gates, capturing a perfect marriage of melodies and mosh parts, while softer, defter touches on ‘Brisbane’ and ‘I’m Not Scared’ show that they also have that stuff down pat.

There’s not one iota of energy wasted or a dull moment to speak of, in fact. It’s more than worth the wait. 

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