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Your Demise - ‘Ignorance Never Dies’

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 22 April 2009 at 16.00

Your Demise - ‘Ignorance Never Dies’ Cover

This is exactly what you want from a debut record...

From the opening blast of title track ‘Ignorance Never Dies’ through finisher ‘Blood Run Cold’ it is obvious that whatever money Your Demise spent in the studio was used to great effect. The band sound incredible. The songs stand up too with a brutish mix of Biohazard-esque stomp and basement show intensity flavoured with a few electronic interludes to keep you guessing. This is exactly what you want from a debut record; candour mixed with incandescence, the raw balanced with wrought and passionate abounding in aggression. Your Demise have only just started, it is frightening to think what they could accomplish if they carry on in this determined fashion.

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