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Young Statues - Young Statues

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 9 December 2011 at 17.21

Young Statues - Young Statues Cover

Warm, soothing Americana from the NJ / Philly combo...

With a sound firmly rooted in Americana, indie-pop and emo-tinged acoustica, it’s a rich palette of sounds that New Jersey / Philadelphia-formed Young Statues draw from on this debut. With a warm tone sat somewhere between Robin Pecknold and Kevin Devine, singer Carmen Cirignano’s vocals wrap a warm embrace around these eleven dreamy tales of lost love and life on the fringes. It’s pure One Tree Hill melodrama, but the emotion is believable and the key to that is in the strength of these undeniably great songs, of which ‘Spacism’ and ‘Athens’ are just two highlights.

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