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Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg

Jen Walker
Jen Walker 13 October 2009 at 15.00

Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg Cover

This should be given to all fans of crunk as a form of education...

Big-haired (and big-voiced) Andrew Stockdale is back with ‘Cosmic Egg’, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Wolfmother’s self-titled 05 debut. Another tasty helping of noughties rock ‘n’ roll, a lot has changed in the four years it has taken to create this record; a band overhaul has seen the three-piece become a four-piece, Chris Ross and Myles Heskett both leaving last year and being replaced by Ian Peres, Aidan Nemeth and Dave Atkins. Phew. Though not a huge departure in sound for the band, ‘Cosmic Egg’ displays more of a stoner influence than their debut. ‘In The Morning’ isn’t miles away from ‘N.I.B’ by Black Sabbath, not that it’s a bad thing, of course. Overall, the riffs are fuzzier, the bass is sludgier and though records as cool and retro-sounding as this can often be quite dated in places, ‘Cosmic Egg’ manages to avoid this by throwing in the occasional rock ‘n’ roll stomper. Lead single ‘New Moon Rising’ is this record’s ‘Dimension’, an air guitar anthem and a potential stadium sing-along. Typically Wolfmother-sounding, ‘Cosmic Egg’ is a great second album and should be given to all fans of crunk as a form of education. Oh yeah, and your dad will bloody love it.

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