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Wolf Parade - Expo 86

Noel F Gardner
Noel F Gardner 21 July 2010 at 16.34

Wolf Parade - Expo 86 Cover

Three albums in and the Montreal indie rockers have found their sound, sort of...

As expansive Montreal indie rockers go, Wolf Parade are very much in the shadow of their Arcade Fire chums, but still enjoy a respectable level of, well, respect that should be compounded by this tidy third album. Their sound, now more than ever, is a paradox: despite the Cure-ish grey waves of guitar and Spencer Krug’s morose vocal tics, Wolf Parade can’t conceal the fact that being in a band is clearly terrific fun for them. So songs, averaging about five minutes a pop, bound along with thick-as-Thin Lizzy hard rock guitars, and what initially seems stultifying and ‘musicianly’ ends up clawing you most agreeably.

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