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Winnebago Deal - Career Suicide

Jen Walker
Jen Walker 22 November 2010 at 14.00

Winnebago Deal - Career Suicide Cover

A ridiculously overlooked and consistently great band

The record might be called ‘Career Suicide’, but the third full-length from this Oxford duo is anything but. It’s very much more of the same in terms of dirty riffs, volume and distortion, and frontman Ben Perrier still thrashes his guitar and sings like a bloke who’s smoked too many fags, while Ben Thomas (yes, they’re both called Ben) literally beats the shit out of his drum kit, but this time there’s a lot more melody and tracks like ‘Tokyo Rip’ really stand out from the band’s back catalogue. A ridiculously overlooked and consistently great band, hopefully ‘Career Suicide’ will gain Winnebago Deal some new fans.

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