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Whitechapel – ‘Mark Of The Blade’

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 23 June 2016 at 17.03

Whitechapel – ‘Mark Of The Blade’ Cover


After a decade of unadulterated carnage, Whitechapel have earned the right to throw a curveball or two. Dialling back the deathcore shtick in favour of sludgy, ten-tonne grooves, dark theatrics and (whisper it) the odd smattering of melodic vocals, they’ve torn up the textbook in style here.

Phil Bozeman still sounds like he has a demon living in his throat, but the apocalyptic intensity of ‘Decennium’ and Tool-meets-Slipknot slow-burn of ‘Bring Me Home’ resemble nothing else in the Tennessee neck-snappers’ repertoire. Even if it doesn’t all hit the bullseye, at least they’ve dared to stray from the beaten path.

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