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We Ride - ‘Empowering Life’

Emma Matthews
Emma Matthews 6 April 2017 at 15.23

We Ride - ‘Empowering Life’ Cover

 A hardcore record worth your time.

Spain’s We Ride may be known for choppy, ’90s-style hardcore, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to explore new territory.

Actually, ‘Empowering Life’ is their most diverse record yet. While ‘Everybody Matters’ and ‘I’mpossible’ are full of weighty breakdowns that’ll open up a pit in seconds, tracks like ‘Do It All Again’ delve into poppier sensibilities and show how skilfully the five-piece can weave together their eclectic tastes.

All in all, it’s that very bravery and air of sheer, burning fury that make the band worth keeping tabs on. 

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