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We Are The Fallen - Tear The World Down

11 May 2010 at 14.00

We Are The Fallen - Tear The World Down Cover

They rock harder than Evanescence ever could...

In the time it takes you to play ‘Tear The World Down’ with the prior knowledge that guitarists Ben Moody, John LeCompt and drummer Rocky Gray were previously in Evanescence there are a few moments where you ask, ‘What the hell is going on here? Another female-fronted, nu metal-inspired, symphonic-sounding rock unit?’ With rolling percussions, jarring guitars and huge choruses set against the cries of former American Idol contestant Carly Smithson, as well as an opening track called ‘Bury Me Alive’, well, it’s safe to say this is familiar terrain revisited. While the 12 tracks here are built around conventional nu metal structures, what unexpectedly rolls out is a stubbornness and increasing force never present with Evanescence. ‘Paradigm’ burns with soulful melodies, while ‘I Am Only One’ showcases implied devastation in Carly’s vocals. By the time the beautifully subtle ‘Sleep Well My Angel’ plays out, it’s clear We Are The Fallen have taken the plunge, crafting extravagantly moving songs honing their previous skills to better effect, all with the bite of a band with something to prove. ‘Through Hell’ punctuates the sounds of Lacuna Coil, and there’s even a cover of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’, but stretching above and beyond their influences ‘Tear The World Down’ allows We Are The Fallen to stand out in their own right. Quite simply, they rock harder than Evanescence ever could.

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