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We Are Knuckle Dragger - ABCDEP

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 20 April 2011 at 09.00

We Are Knuckle Dragger - ABCDEP Cover

Short, sharp and aggressive – just how we like it!

In the lead up to their heavily anticipated debut record comes this short, aggressive, abusive rant of an EP from Newcastle’s pants-wettingly exciting new band. Where their ’Doors To Rooms’ EP was almost a condensed album, ’ABCDEP’ is a lot more brutal in its punk ethic, yet the songs don’t suffer for it. ‘Depth Perception’ and ‘Tom Ryder’ stand proudly alone as energetic and raw assaults, and standout track ‘Banbridgian’ shows that the band are capable of writing what people would class as ’normal’ songs, as opposed to the glorious sheer fury that cascades throughout the backbone of their work.

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