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Waterparks - ‘Double Dare’

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 3 November 2016 at 14.24

Waterparks - ‘Double Dare’ Cover

It's really, really fun.

Waterparks are a whole new breed of pop-rock band. Slick, clean-cut and auto-tuned to high heaven, they’ve carried all the quirks of breakout EP ‘Cluster’ across to their debut full-length – and a big old chunk of its quality, too.

Frontman Awsten Knight’s offbeat charm shines through on the scuzzy, floor-filling electronica of ‘Plum Island’, while the heaviest song on here – ‘Little Violence’ – is all gang vocals and sharp, tongue-twisting lyrics; showcasing the astonishing range that these three young Texans already have.

Elsewhere, as on ‘Stupid For You’, they pull from the very best of their pop-punk forefathers’ catchy, pop-oriented side. The sun-drenched ‘Hawaii (Stay Awake)’ sounds like one of the best songs ‘Dirty Work’-era All Time Low never wrote and ‘Take Her To The Moon’ is a neon pop anthem that more than fills the void left by Cobra Starship.

Meanwhile, lush ballad ‘Powerless’ echoes co-producer Benji Madden’s softer, more epic moments at the helm of Good Charlotte. Whether they’ll need to hone in on some of the many, many (many) things they do well in the future remains to be seen, but if you like pop-rock and you’re not afraid of being a little weird, you need to listen to ‘Double Dare’. Like, now.

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