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Warm Brains - Old Volcanoes

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 5 August 2011 at 21.55

Warm Brains - Old Volcanoes Cover

Ex-Kasms / Test Icicles man returns!

Warm Brains is the first solo effort from ex-Test Icicles and Kasms man Rory Attwell, apparently created in the spare minutes he had when producing Tom Vek’s new full-length ‘Leizure Seizure’. Certainly one for the indie / alt-rock crowd, it’s a gently building, eclectic mix of influences far and wide and ultimately, not half a bad stab for a first solo outing. There are hints of psychadelica mixed in amongst the pattering drums and slack-jawed vocals of ‘Let Down’ and ‘This Salt Makes Us Sick’ and while its pace is inconsistent and feels a bit of a cut-and-paste job in places, it’s satisfying enough.

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