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Wage War - ‘Deadweight’

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 27 July 2017 at 13.27

Wage War - ‘Deadweight’ Cover

An album that could change the face of metalcore.

It’s finally here. With A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon behind the production desk (accompanied by Andrew Wade) and tours alongside everyone from I Prevail to The Amity Affliction in their rear-view mirrors, Wage War’s second album is one of the most anticipated metalcore releases in some time. Thankfully, ‘Deadweight’ proves to be a relentless, genre-evolving treat.

Though it’s not quite a case of out with the old, in with the new – or nu, given their taste for blunt-force grooves and frontman Briton Bond’s penchant for Corey Taylor-isms – there’s an urgency and precision to cuts like ‘Southbound’ that feels refreshing.

‘Stitch’ and the two-minute explosion of ‘Disdain’ bridge the gap between The Ghost Inside and Korn, while the atmospheric melodies of ‘Gravity’ and epic melancholy of ‘Johnny Cash’ prove that there’s much more in their arsenal than just flat-out fury. Though as the defiant call to arms of ‘Indestructible’ rams home, they’ve no shortage of that.

Even if the interplay between Briton and guitarist / melodic vocalist Cody Quistad is hardly innovative, it might just be Wage War’s trump card. They combine seamlessly throughout these 12 songs, bringing an emotional range to proceedings that so many of their peers lack.

Worried that you’ve heard everything metalcore has to offer? Wage War beg to differ.

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