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Violent Soho - Violent Soho

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 1 August 2010 at 14.00

Violent Soho - Violent Soho Cover

Second album from grunge inspired Violent Soho

Exploding out of Brisbane, Australia, in a fizzed up firebomb of tangled riffs, sleazy rhythms, eardrum decimating screams and plaid shirts aplenty, Violent Soho are the latest band looking to revive that most down and dirty of 90s musical phenomena; grunge. And when it sounds as fresh and exhilarating as it does here, whose arguing? From ‘Here Be Dragons’, like a pissed off The Vines playing an even angrier Nirvana, to ‘Muscle Junkie’ – which perfectly harnesses the power of the Pixies, to ‘Outsider’, a ‘Something In The Way’-esque down-tempo heartbreaker, this is rock music’s past revived, rejuvenated and made damned exciting again.

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