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Vanna – ‘All Hell’

Josh Hummerston
Josh Hummerston 7 July 2016 at 16.59

Vanna – ‘All Hell’ Cover

They're very angry...

Consistently abrasive, Vanna open up new album ‘All Hell’ in typically explosive fashion, unleashing a maelstrom of furious noise.

It’s an album that is extremely nihilistic in tone, with the dark nature of their music being most prevalent during ‘Circle The Flame’, with guitarist and vocalist Joel Pastuszak exclaiming, “The world is going to hell”, to which frontman Dave Muise replies, “Oh well, oh well, oh well” succinctly summing up their frustrations and a sense of hopelessness.

A listen that is heartfelt in its aggression, it marks an exciting new chapter for the Boston bruisers.

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