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Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment

Alex Gosman
Alex Gosman 27 June 2012 at 16.05

Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment Cover

They're back with a new face at the helm. But have they done their legacy justice?

For a band well past their 20th anniversary, the departure of their frontman was always going to raise doubts, but Turbonegro have returned sounding leaner, meaner and hungrier than they have in a decade. New vocalist Tony Sylvester’s gravel-throated tones lend a savage edge to the bar-room brawl soundtrack of ‘Shake Your Shit Machine’, and his new brethren’s supercharged riff attack is as tight and deranged as ever on the likes of ‘Dude Without A Face’ and ‘TNA (The Nihilistic Army)’. They’ve yet to top their ‘98 classic ‘Apocalypse Dudes’, but these aging death-punks can still blast your arse away.

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