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Tubelord - ‘Our First American Friends’

Iain Moffat
Iain Moffat 8 October 2009 at 15.00

Tubelord - ‘Our First American Friends’ Cover

Bizarrely, most of this album qualifies as post-math-punk...

'Your Bed Is Kind Of Frightening' and 'Somewhere Out There Is A Dog On Fire' may just be the best-titled opening brace of songs of the decade, but, brilliantly, the daftness doesn't stop there. Bizarrely, most of this album qualifies as post-math-punk, yet its remarkable intricacies constantly collide headlong with feral guitar veering (there's a point midway through the mighty whirly 'Propeller' not unlike XTC tackling 'You Made Me Realise'), wilfully impenetrable lyrics about daydreaming dinosaurs and floaty monster goblins and, oh yes, LOTS! OF! SHOUTING! Sound of the underground, indeed; Tubelord are a positively thrilling trainwreck of a proposition.

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