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Trigger The Bloodshed - Degenerate

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 25 May 2010 at 14.00

Trigger The Bloodshed - Degenerate Cover

Presenting more hellfire death metal...

Presenting more hellfire death metal in ‘Degenerate’, Trigger The Bloodshed have succeeded in creating approachable songs without subscribing to melody or other timid theories to reach their goal. The record produces a hectic attack on the senses through the obvious avenues of rapid drums and hyperactive guitars and, though expected, produces immensely impressive results. Barring the mid-track nod to Emperor in ‘Dead Vein’, the brooding stomp of ‘Soulful Dead’ and the occasional Morbid Angel-esque slime on ‘A Vision Showing Nothing’, Trigger The Bloodshed rarely ease from the charge. But herein lies a problem. While great death metal albums are relentless, legendary death records are dynamic. The Bristolians have built very little reprieve or texture into ‘Degenerate’ and such musical stubbornness can only induce speculation that part of Trigger’s formidable modus operandi is to prove their many doubters wrong via the objective of aural pulverisation. Such a fixation is unavailing, no matter how far they elevate the technicality, brutality or speed Trigger The Bloodshed unfortunately will always be shunned by death metal elitists. While crafting a third full-length in as many years is astounding, more time spent in the rehearsal space would likely send a Trigger album from contender to champion.

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