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Trash Talk - Eyes And Nines

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 May 2010 at 14.00

Trash Talk - Eyes And Nines Cover

You’re about to fall ears over heart...

Impressed by the Sacramento residents’ previous work? Then you’re about to fall ears over heart for Trash Talk’s latest. ‘Eyes & Nines’ is a 10-track masterpiece which carves out supremacy over their back catalogue. Moving confidently on from Steve Albini’s genius touch on 08’s eponymous album, they’ve eased into the production lab of The Bronx guitarist Joby J Ford. With longer songs between their trademark short frenzied blasts, they maintain a clenched grip on how the ethos behind grassroots hardcore and the necessity of a modern punk fusion can mix effortlessly to create something truly special. Opener ‘Vultures’ retains 56 seconds of awesome riffing, where Ford’s melodic yet aggressive production skills bounce firmly off vocalist Lee Spielman’s almighty snarl. ‘Explode’ features another Bronx member, with a guest vocal from Matt Caughthran making an album highlight with his knowing So Cal twang. And though we may have lost ourselves recently in Tim Burton’s mad wonderland, Trash Talk’s ‘Rabbit Holes’ is a world of thrashcore we’re gladly sucked in to. Thanks to Californian social degenerates understanding the need to fuck off marketing strategies and rely solely on talent, 2010 just got flawlessly loud. At this palpitation-inducing rate, Trash Talk will surely become titans of their genre.

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