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Trapped Under Ice - ‘Heatwave’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 13 July 2017 at 12.55

Trapped Under Ice - ‘Heatwave’ Cover

They're back.

Seeing how they’re unique, influential and (above all) fucking rampant, it’s rather brilliant to have Trapped Under Ice back.

By the sounds of ‘Heatwave’, they’re happy to be back too. Clocking in at just shy of 14 minutes across 11 blistering tracks, the band’s long-awaited third LP makes up for their six year absence in fitting style, with a barrage of blistering riffs and sizzling punk attitude.

Striving to completely reinvent the wheel of a hardcore scene that’s very much set in its ways, while managing not to lose any of their trademark crunch, ‘Heatwave’ is the sort of statement only TUI could make –and one which will be hard for anyone to top.

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