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Trade Wind - ‘You Make Everything Disappear

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 October 2016 at 15.15

Trade Wind - ‘You Make Everything Disappear Cover

It goes straight for your feelings.

Rather a change of pace from their day jobs, Stick To Your Guns’ Jesse Barnett and Stray From The Path’s Thomas Williams strike for the heart good and hard with Trade Wind.

Built on a foundation of repressed memories, the band’s debut full-length delivers piercing sentiment by the bucket full.

Though the surface of ‘You Make Everything Disappear’ is littered with sweltering intensity, such as on the bubbling ‘Lowest Form’, it’s within the pained delicacy of ‘Radio Songs’ and ‘Untitled’ where the real vulnerability within Trade Wind shines through and that’s where their true brilliance lies. 

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