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Thursday - No Devolución

8 April 2011 at 09.23

Thursday - No Devolución Cover

It's still post-hardcore but not as you know it...

Thursday’s last album ‘Common Existence’ closed with ‘You Were The Cancer’, moving from the full-throttle hardcore of earlier albums into a slower, more expressive sound that hinted at what would lie ahead for the band. As ‘Fast To The End’ rings out, the guitar surges are less hefty than the band’s back catalogue, and Geoff Rickly’s centrepoint vocals share only a history with ‘Full Collapse’ delivery methods, now executing controlled melody not screams. ‘No Answers’ reassures any doubt that Thursday have taken a new direction, with Cure-esque moments creeping in amidst their hardcore backbone. And guess what? This is Thursday leading what they now do best.

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