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This Will Destroy You - Tunnel Blanket

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 6 May 2011 at 09.00

This Will Destroy You - Tunnel Blanket Cover

Firm Rock Sound favourites return even better than ever...

Ever since discovering their 06 debut EP ‘Young Mountain’, Texan instrumental rockers This Will Destroy You have meant a lot to us here at Rock Sound. We brought them over for their debut UK tour and awarded their self-titled debut record Album Of The Month back in 08. Now their sophomore effort, ‘Tunnel Blanket’, has finally dropped and we’re delighted to report that the band have evolved to an even more staggering degree. Completely free of any obvious post-rock traits, this is TWDY sounding exactly how they’ve always wanted to. It’s abstract and ambient but it’s the sound of freedom, of unending ambition and of a desire to reach for, or even beyond, the stars. The stunning hazy soundscapes that previously hung in the background are now at the forefront of their sound, and from the apocalyptic drone of ‘Little Smoke’ through the dreamlike drift of ‘Killed The Lord, Left For The New World’ onto the tense and climactic ‘Powdered Hand’ the atmosphere here keeps building. This is music that creates a vortex in your brain, sucking the entire cosmos in through one ear and out the other, leaving behind only the secrets of the universe and the unerring tranquillity of space. Yes. It really is that good.

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