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The Young Gods - Everybody Knows

Neil Gardner
Neil Gardner 29 December 2010 at 09.00

The Young Gods - Everybody Knows Cover

Full of restless inventiveness

Having added guitarist Vincent Hanni to the ranks and with über-producer Roli Mosimann once again at the controls, the legendary Swiss trio continue to redefine the rules of rock music with ‘Everybody Knows’, which fuses the pretty acoustic textures of ‘Knock On Wood’ with shimmering electronics and shamanic intensity. With expert dynamic range, the gods remain eternally ahead of the game, moving from the psychedelic freak-out and Hendrix-like swagger of ‘No Man’s Land’ to the adrenalin fuelled electro of ‘Miles Away’ and serpentine ambient closer ‘Once Again’ with consummate ease. Full of restless inventiveness, this is both luxuriantly upbeat and dreamily atmospheric.

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