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The Wildhearts - ‘Chutzpah!’

Darren Sadler
Darren Sadler 31 August 2009 at 15.00

The Wildhearts - ‘Chutzpah!’ Cover

The best thing about the Wildhearts is you can always expect the unexpected...

The best thing about the Wildhearts is you can always expect the unexpected. Ginger and Co have never repeated their moods – from the anthemic classic that was their debut ‘Earth Vs’, to the almost unlistenable noise-fest of ‘Endless Nameless’, to the riff-frenzied livewire explosions of 07’s self-titled – each album stands uniquely on its own. ‘Chutzpah’ sees the quartet leave their comfort zone and while it isn’t the most instant of albums it’s frankly quirky nature makes it all the more excitable. Behind the raucous riffs of opener ‘The Jackson Whites’ lies an ominous as Ginger proclaims ‘I wanna be lonely, I feel the apocalypse is in my sight’ – and yet it’s an infectious bastard. ‘You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane’ is a saccharine-soaked hooky pop ditty, and ‘The Only One’ with it’s contagious hooks and sing-along chorus, sees Scott Sorry take on lead vocals to aplomb, and makes for a highlights of ‘Chutzpah’. By the time you get to the title-track closer with its schizophrenic 80s synth-ed up vocals twisting into blast beat thuddery, dirgey riffs and gongs – you’re left scratching your head and smiling at the same time. Never a dull day in Wildhearts-land, so job well and truly done here. And as its title implies, here’s a band with balls.

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