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The Shitty Limits - ‘Beware The Limits’

Noel F Gardner
Noel F Gardner 16 July 2009 at 15.00

The Shitty Limits - ‘Beware The Limits’ Cover

‘Beware The Limits’ is fastidious in its insistence of making every chord and drumroll COUNT...

Having previously declined to collude with newsstand music publications via giving interviews, let us toast The Shitty Limits’ decision to send their debut album in here for review anyway (via a press officer) by noting that it’s a total banger. The consummate payoff to their steady stream of seven-inches over the last 18 months, ‘Beware The Limits’ averages just under two minutes per track and is fastidious in its insistence of making every chord and drumroll COUNT; even the gaps between tracks are short enough to leave you checking the LCD display against the tracklisting at times. Despite their headstrong siding with the DIY community, the Limits’ actual music isn’t likely to prove especially fearsome to rock children of a mainer stream. Their DNA betrays an ancestry of 60s garage cavemen like The Monks and The Sonics, late-70s British punk (especially ‘Pink Flag’-era Wire) and early-80s US punk – Red Cross, say. A band of more jellified backbone might, by this point, have shepherded their tunesmith abilities into radio-ready realms for the first label offering them a living wage. The Shitty Limits are better than that, as well as being better than the vast majority of contemporary punk rock.

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