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The Saddest Landscape - After The Lights

Amy Bangs
Amy Bangs 6 February 2012 at 15.47

The Saddest Landscape - After The Lights Cover

This one's a real rollercoaster of emotion...

Much like last year’s full-length ‘You Will Not Survive’, The Saddest Landscape’s third album isn’t an easy listen, but demands your attention through its sheer force; meaning that an emotional connection with its lyrics is practically hard-wired within a few listens. Impressively, while it’s a particularly abrasive brand of hardcore, it’s packed with instrumental melody, too, which is consistently offset by atonal vocals that drift from spoken word to jarring screams. The clearest thing about the record, though, is its sense of dynamics, making each quiet interlude bristle with atmosphere, only to build up to a powerful release. Stunning.

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