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The New Regime - Exhibit A

Marc Burrows
Marc Burrows 9 July 2013 at 17.54

The New Regime - Exhibit A Cover

Here's what we made of the latest solo effort from the man who's drummed for, well, everyone...

Drummer side-projects are rarely something to get excited about, but Ilan Rubin, who wrote and performed every note here, has got a CV so impressive you can’t help but take an interest, having tub-thumped for Nine Inch Nails, Lostprophets and Angels & Airwaves and handled stick duties on the ‘Paramore’ album. Sadly, exposure to Mr Reznor and Ms Williams doesn’t seem to have rubbed off, as ‘Exhibit A’, the California native’s third collection, is polished NIN-light. As an exercise in layered studio-craft it’s accomplished enough, but there’s a maddening absence of songs. The industrial country of ‘Daydream’ is the highlight.

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