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The Maine - ‘Lovely, Little, Lonely’

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 30 March 2017 at 15.36

The Maine - ‘Lovely, Little, Lonely’ Cover

A true return to form for The Maine.

They may be 10 years and six albums deep now, but The Maine still feel fresh and exciting here.

Where their last album ‘American Candy’ was fatally flawed – coming up short on both substance and character – this one is watertight and brimming with the best songs they’ve ever written.

John O’Callaghan’s signature over-pronunciation accompanies the likes of languid, nostalgic ‘Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu’ and sunkissed pop-rock anthem ‘The Sound Of Reverie’ perfectly, and if interludes ‘Lovely’ and ‘Little’ (see what they did there?) stunt the album’s pace a little, that’s easily overlooked.

More importantly, ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ is signed, sealed, summer-ready proof this scene is still richer for having The Maine. 

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