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The King Blues - Punk & Poetry

Amy Bangs
Amy Bangs 18 April 2011 at 09.34

The King Blues - Punk & Poetry Cover

It's been a difficult 12 months for The King Blues but they've come back fighting...

The King Blues’ identity weathered blows from all angles last year – losing a key member before having their topical foundations rocked by a new government, there’s a fair level of anticipation over what they’ve got to say here. With vocalist Itch Fox and guitarist Jamie Jazz remaining at the band’s core, ‘Punk & Poetry’ pairs their musical progression with nods to their past, but what’s consistently stayed the same – and presumably always will – are Itch’s lyrics, which communicate their ethos via the singer’s trademark vocal style. ‘Set The World On Fire’ has the instant appeal that 08’s ‘Let’s Hang The Landlord’ had – and interestingly, their poppier, melodic moments are as inspiring as the plain speaking ‘We Are Fucking Angry’ and ‘The Future’s Not What It Used To Be’, which have their message charged by briefly bringing back the dub influences from their early material. They go beyond smashing the state, too (physically, anyway) – with ‘Five Bottles Of Shampoo’ and ‘Sex Education’ covering important ground like gender discrimination and the porn industry respectively. ‘I Want You’ and ‘Headbutt’ take a step away from the subject matter – but they’re two of the fastest, most energetic songs on the record, so don’t compromise its effect. Whatever’s being said, though, what’s great about The King Blues is that they’re always unashamedly frank; with a frontman who wouldn’t dream of diverging his accent or over-developing his message, they’ve set storming music to a totally concise, relevant stream of consciousness.

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