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The King Blues - ‘Off With Their Heads’

Gav Lloyd
Gav Lloyd 15 February 2016 at 14.28

The King Blues - ‘Off With Their Heads’ Cover

It's not for the faint-hearted.

It's 2016 and the reunion train rolls on, with The King Blues the latest band to get back together.

With reformations becoming a regular occurrence these days, the news was received with a familiar mix of joy, trepidation and cynicism. While many are delighted to have them back, Itch’s solo material left some cold and wary of new music from the band he made his name with, while there are also those who see this as another band shamelessly cashing in.

Make no mistake though, ‘Off With Their Heads’ undeniably sounds like The King Blues, and the lo-if production and lyrics like, "I ain’t a pig so don’t try fucking me" are hardly the actions of a band with dollar signs in their eyes. If that lyric isn’t evident enough, the rebellious fire that fuelled this band is roaring more fiercely than ever. Take highlight ‘Opposable Thumbs’ for example, which fizzes with exasperation at fickle 21st century attitudes.

But the political side of this band is only one half of the story, and nobody tackles personal matters quite like this lot do. ‘Poems & Songs’ and ‘Pure Fucking Love’ are examples of subtle, heartfelt balladry that very few other songwriters are capable of.

‘Off With Their Heads’ perfectly encapsulates everything there is to love about The King Blues in seven new songs, and it’s so good to have them back.

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