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The King Blues - Long Live The Struggle

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 4 July 2012 at 15.11

The King Blues - Long Live The Struggle Cover

See what we made of The King Blues' final chapter.

When you consider the anticipation that preceded it, that ‘Long Live The Struggle’ represents the end of a story rather than the beginning of a new one is a genuinely sad fact. However, if The King Blues must bow out then at least there’s no better way to do so. From the dubstep-infused opening of the anthemic ‘We Are The Future’, through the fists-in-the-air refrain of ‘Modern Life Has Let Me Down’ and on to the skanking rhythms of ‘When The Revolution Comes’, this is everything that made us fall in love with TKB and then some. As with all good stories, this is one closing chapter that leaves you longing for more. They shall be missed.

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