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The JCQ - Mechanical Young

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 20 June 2013 at 17.50

The JCQ - Mechanical Young Cover

The JCQ Mk II: Right good, as it turns out...

Returning with a streamlined name and a sound to match, ‘Mechanical Young’ finds the band formerly known as The James Cleaver Quintet abandoning the frenetic chaos of old in favour of strident melodies, swirling keys and funky, elasticated riffs galore. Bolstering these basic ingredients with a continuous stream of deft musical flourishes and subtle directional shifts, their typically dizzying technical prowess is delivered with an entirely atypical lightness of touch. Fittingly recorded live on vintage equipment, ‘Mechanical Young’ is a record possessed of both a striking immediacy and tremendous depth. In short, this is an absolute triumph in every regard.

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