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The Icarus Line - Wildlife

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 2 September 2011 at 15.28

The Icarus Line - Wildlife Cover

The Icarus Line: still gnarly as fuck...

“They’ve called me the cocaine kid. They’ve called me the never did. They’ve called me the nigger man. They stop calling at all.” So drawls The Icarus Line frontman Joe Cardamone on album opener ‘King Baby’, neatly summarising the notoriously confrontational LA punks’ career to date. Ironically enough, however, the best way to approach this woozy, hypnotic collection of raw, slow-burning jams is to disregard everything you’ve heard about a band whose early reputation - as chaotically obnoxious fuck-ups - has frustratingly overshadowed their actual music for way too long. Like every true outlaw before them, The Icarus Line haven’t mellowed with age; they’ve gotten gnarlier.

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