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The Guns - Fuck The Demon Outta Me

Ryan Bird
Ryan Bird 16 November 2011 at 17.59

The Guns - Fuck The Demon Outta Me Cover

Oooh, naughty...

If there’s one thing to be said for The Guns, it’s that they certainly don’t take themselves too seriously. Packed full of sleaze, swagger and delivered in a manner that suggests their tongues are planted firmly in their cheeks at all times, the Welsh mob’s second album is a largely enjoyable, fun-filled romp. Musically, ‘Moan To Kill You’ boasts a deliciously fuzzed-up bass line and ‘Missing Girls’ utilises cowbell on Blue Oyster Cult levels, while lyrically ‘Treacle & Pie’ is silly but irrefutably chucklesome (“That ass and those eyes / They go together like treacle and pie!”) Wholesome? Certainly not. Fun? Undoubtedly so.

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