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The Great St Louis - In Your Own Time

Paul Raggity
Paul Raggity 3 April 2010 at 15.00

The Great St Louis - In Your Own Time Cover

What the hell’s going on here?

Hey, now you just hang on one cotton picking moment, what the hell’s going on here? Over three decades on from the (official) birth of punk rock, an album isn’t supposed to be this good is it? With everything having been done to several deaths, how the dickens have T.G.S.L managed to twist it all into ten tracks of sheer, unadulterated, undiluted excitement? Hmmm, maybe its better they keep schtumm though, wouldn’t wanna jinx whatever secret these guys have discovered. Because with this fucker loitering only one small step away from being a true classic, this is a band to keep a very focused eye on.

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