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The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 12 August 2011 at 13.54

The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks Cover

Here's some utterly essential grindcore for a Friday...

Seventeen tracks in under 20 minutes? Yep, this is grindcore, but for once it’s not all about hyper-speed blastbeats and vocals that bring to mind a crucified newborn attempting to throw up its own pelvis. Well, largely it is, but what really sets The Ergon Carousel apart is a remarkable command of how they weave a hypnotically mind-boggling riff or three into the frantically accelerated chaos, making for a sound as compelling as it is unsettling. With every howling face-melter bookended by a dirty groove, and the relatively epic, slowed down title track taking ‘crushing’ to a whole new level, you can file ‘Dead Banks’ under ‘utterly fucking essential’.

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