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The Brave - ‘Epoch’

Jennifer Geddes
Jennifer Geddes 4 August 2016 at 14.48

The Brave - ‘Epoch’ Cover

Prepare to mosh.

The Brave’s debut album is a heady cocktail of melodic anthems and full-blooded mosh pit starters.

‘Searchlights’ and ‘Undone’ are a perfect mesh of driving metal riffs and soaring rock hooks, while the likes of ‘Break Free’ and ‘Ignited Youth’ reveal the band’s clear punk influences.

Although largely tackling personal subjects lyrically, they are at their strongest when casting their net to global, political issues. Frontman Nathan Toussaint sings, “Don’t let this be the misery we leave behind / A world that’s ruled by dollar signs” succinctly voicing his frustrations on ‘Legacy’. It’s a shame that level of intensity isn’t present across the whole album, but ‘Epoch’ still offers enough to be a solid debut.

You can listen to the album in full below: 

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