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The Black Dahlia Murder - ‘Deflorate’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 September 2009 at 15.00

The Black Dahlia Murder - ‘Deflorate’ Cover

Every track is a supple machine that bears its own identity...

'Deflorate' is a perfect example of why no one should dismiss The Black Dahlia Murder with any 'core' suffix. While their aping of At The Gates does get tiresome it wouldn't be a The Black Dahlia Murder record if you didn't finish the album certain you were in Gothenburg circa 1994 - and frankly no one recreates the scene so well. They're able to ambidextrously dazzle with weaving euphonic guitars then fire rattling blast beats immediately after with no audible seam. Although this album contains fewer of the obvious hooks that made its predecessor 'Nocturnal' so successful, 'Deflorate' exchanges them for invigorating dashes of solid death. The dark 'Throne of Lunacy' tosses away the band's familiar template and churns out hunks of brooding discordance that give a glimpse to moments of 'Demigod'-era Behemoth. Self-described melodic death metal, The Black Dahlia Murder's harmonising licks are never fully extinguished however and guitarist Ryan Knight litters the album with fantastically soulful lead work on his first studio outing with the band. While there's no one song that screams 'video' there's also zero filler. Every track is a supple machine that bears its own identity. To pass this album up is to do yourself a disservice.

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