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The Audition - Great Danger

Jen Thomas
Jen Thomas 11 March 2010 at 14.00

The Audition - Great Danger Cover

Will it be fourth time lucky for The Audition?

Will it be fourth time lucky for The Audition? ‘Great Danger’ comes hot on the heels of last year’s ‘Self-Titled Album’, less than a year after it received an undeservingly underwhelming response. For many bands this would be a perilous case of quantity over quality, but frontman Danny Stevens’ voice remains as impressive as ever, with story-telling lyrics their forte. A mission statement is issued from the off with album opener ‘Let Me Know’, all smooth vocals and unusual timings, while lead single ‘You Ruined This’ is reminiscent of early The All-American Rejects but with The Audition’s trademark sound stomped all over it. With hooks abound and many danceable songs throughout, there’s still the occasional ballad. ‘Run Away’ still manages to soar without resorting to saccharine declarations or whinging, whereas the aptly titled ‘Final Adventure’ is a stormer of a song with crazy guitars and strangely R&B-esque vocals. It’s time The Audition attracted a little more attention for the individuality they have consistently crafted, if they can create fantastic albums this fast then there’s sure to be more to come.

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