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The Attika State - Measures

Emily Kearns
Emily Kearns 5 October 2010 at 14.00

The Attika State - Measures Cover

Bags of energy and a luscious pop-punk charm

If the fact that the intro to The Attika State’s album opener sounds uncannily like Cher‘s ‘Walking In Memphis’ doesn’t put you off, then please continue reading. With bags of energy and a luscious pop-punk charm, the quintet, who hail from all over (Sicily, Malta, Sri Lanka and Wisbech), tick quite a few boxes. Gushing melodies and catchy-as-hell choruses, check. Huge amounts of enthusiasm and relentless energy, check. Dance floor fillers led by endearing Brit vocals, check. They were tipped for something extra special and they look about ready to follow through. Keep your eyes peeled for their imminent explosion.

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