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The Acacia Strain - ‘Gravebloom’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 June 2017 at 18.44

The Acacia Strain - ‘Gravebloom’ Cover

This is disgustingly heavy.

Uncompromising, relentless and staggeringly brutal, The Acacia Strain’s eighth full-length captures the same filth and fury as their first.

Dealing out the sort of downtrodden riffs that could bring on motion sickness and drenched in enough bile-stained hatred to fill a lake, ‘Gravebloom’ drags you to the darkest regions of hell, spits in your face for good measure and revels in the beating that it’s dealing your eardrums.

It doesn’t deviate much from the well-worn blueprint that the band have stuck to throughout their career, but when your music is this deliciously punishing why would you change?

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