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TesseracT - ‘Polaris / Errai’

Gareth Pierce
Gareth Pierce 15 September 2016 at 15.19

TesseracT - ‘Polaris / Errai’ Cover

It's quite the experience.

TesseracT’s third album saw them reunited with original vocalist Daniel Tompkins. He always seemed the most natural fit for the Brit metallers’ eclectic output, and as this release brings the band’s love of ethereal soundscapes to the fore, he is given opportunity to fully explore his vast range.

‘Errai’, the bonus EP, is somewhat superfluous, but considering it combines hip-hop, Tool-inspired atmospherics, Primus-level reverence for the bass, the smooth jams of Incubus, and Sikth-style tech metal ‘Polaris’ is surprisingly coherent.

A solid listen, but it’s an album to file nearer ‘good’ than ‘great’.

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