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Tesseract - One

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 21 March 2011 at 09.00

Tesseract - One Cover

Powerful stuff.

It’s hard to find fault with an album this complete. ‘One’, the debut full-length from British djent-sters TesseracT, is so full of masterful arrangements, riffs and rhythms it could easily be the product of a group 10 years the 20-something band’s senior. Toying with the boundaries of metal, prog and post-rock melody, ‘One’ manages to create startling polyrhythmic atmosphere and even uplift in the clean-sung darkness of minor keys. In fact, so beautiful and epic are the many stirring passages that litter tracks like ‘Acceptance’, ‘April’ and ‘Eden’ you wish they’d monopolise more moments of the record’s 55 minutes. Powerful stuff.

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