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Teeth Of The Sea - Your Mercury

Noel F Gardner
Noel F Gardner 29 November 2010 at 14.00

Teeth Of The Sea - Your Mercury Cover

Intuitive, innovative and creative musicians

The reputation accrued by this London quartet over the last couple of years, while not threatening to take them anywhere REALLY stratospheric (like, say, becoming their main source of income), has been largely through word of mouth, and wholly deserved to boot. ‘Orphaned By The Ocean’, their 09 debut, switched up Hawkwindy psych, gleaming Kraut keyboards and a splash of dubby 90s post-rock; second album ‘Your Mercury’ retains all these elements in part, while adding sad desert brass, stampeding widescreen hard rock and epic drone sections. Teeth Of The Sea hang it together because they are intuitive, innovative and creative musicians.

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