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Sworn In - ‘All Smiles’

Will Cross
Will Cross 22 June 2017 at 18.47

Sworn In - ‘All Smiles’ Cover

It shows off everything the band could be.

Blending jump-THE-fuck-up nu metal with dramatic ’00s emo explosion melodies, Sworn In sound incredible on paper.

The problem is, they’re not allowing themselves to distil that sound into what it should be. The sinister pit-starting vibes of songs like ‘Make It Hurt’ and ‘Cry Baby’ suggests exciting things are in play, but needlessly choppy production and choruses that sound wayward rather than focused lead to a frustratingly messy listen.

The band certainly have the tools – if they could just pair them with the dead-on precision of old tracks like ‘Snake Eyes’, they’d be hitting it out the park every time. 

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