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Suicide Silence - ‘No Time to Bleed’

Jim Burt
Jim Burt 25 June 2009 at 16.00

Suicide Silence - ‘No Time to Bleed’ Cover

Spearheading the US new-wave? The sky’s the limit…

After their debut brought kudos galore (not least being hailed as one of Century Media’s biggest selling debut’s ever), SS were left facing the daunting proposition of ‘the second album’. But much like the way they dealt with the early pressure, they don’t seem to do self-doubt.
Opting to record with Machine has paid dividends; he guides the juggernaut with a new focus, providing punch, balance and rawness to the production in equal measure, a perfect work-station for the band’s blossoming palettes which have dreamed up their strongest material yet. If ‘The Cleansing’ was your quick-fix fast food, their sophomore is your well-seasoned platter of top-notch fodder; leaving no doubt this band have matured.
Incorporating genres further afield than before, they’ve mixed up the blast beats with super-size helpings of mammoth slow groove and extra brutal beatdowns, a tasty addition to their already formidable arsenal.
And with Mitch Lucker leading the line with a truly outstanding and psychotic vocal performance, it’s hard to see a weakness in their new attack.
‘No Time To Bleed’ is a ruthless and unrelenting attack on the senses and a top-class exercise in extreme metal oppression. Spearheading the US new-wave? The sky’s the limit…

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